Ballet is considered the foundation of all dance disciplines as it focuses on good posture, correct alignment, use of important core muscles, strength, flexibility, stamina, and what Ballet is most renowned for – beautiful lines. People always say you can tell a Ballet dancer just from the way they hold and conduct themselves.

Although Ballet is not compulsory for pupils at Aspire School of Dance, Ballet classes do come strongly recommended.


Children can start Ballet from the age of 3, where they are taught basic Ballet technique (walking, skipping, marching, jumping) through the use of imagination, songs and story telling. We also use props in each lesson such as magic wands, bean bags, ribbons and scarves to add to the enjoyment!


From the age of 5, children can be entered for their first Imperial Ballet exam under the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing). Exams are not compulsory, however they teach children the relevant discipline, dedication and commitment needed for many aspects of general life.


Pupils progress through Grades 1-6, continually learning and developing their skills. Those who are serious about dance as a career can move onto the Vocational exams; Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2. These exams are challenging and pupils are marked at a professional level, meaning months and often years of careful, regular practice in order to reach the required standard.